‘Fantastic’ Guide Camp For Islands’ Girls

guide camp 2013St Mary’s Girl Guides leader, Fiona Robson, says last week’s Guide camp at Sandybanks was “fantastic.”

Lesley Thomas, Jacque Foster and Jenni Erentraut put together the programme for the week as the girls camped out on the St Mary’s site.

The girls undertook a host of tasks including building a wind powered car, learning to light a camp fire and cook a trout on it, making clay leaf prints and following a night trail set by the Senior Patrol.

They also learned plate spinning, how to hula hoop, use devil sticks and uni-cycle in a circus skills workshop with Wez Swain.

Other activities included windsurfing, kayaking and playing volleyball with water-filled balloons on Porthmellon beach.

They also hosted a talent show, ‘Scilly’s Got Talent.’

Fiona says that the leaders were exhausted following the 15-hour days. And she says the tent bought with Scilly Lottery money made all the difference to them as it meant they could cook and eat in the same place and when it rained there was enough room to do all the washing up in there as well.