Businesses Need To Join Partnership To Advertise In Brochure

islands partnership logoThe Chairman of the Islands’ Partnership is asking local tourism businesses to come together to promote Scilly as “one voice.”

Chris Gregory is urging islanders to join the tourism body so the group can fund ongoing promotion activity. And if they don’t, he’s warning their marketing work will cease.

The Partnership has produced a prospectus, which Chris says will give accommodation providers a taster for the new look and feel of the brochure and website.

That should be arriving through letterboxes over the next few days and gives details of how much it will cost to advertise and the style of the new ads.

Chris says it will be good value, with the smallest advertisements being bigger than previously and at lower rates.

But businesses will have to pay to join the Partnership, to be allowed to buy a space in next year’s brochure or on the website.

From Radio Scilly

Listen to our interview with Chris Gregory, Chairman of the Islands’ Partnership

There’ll be a series of benefits for members, which could include training in the use of social media, and advice on upgrading accommodation or improving star ratings.

Chris also believes that the only way Scilly can be heard in a crowded tourist market is to work together through the Partnership.

He says they’re not “just a lifeboat that people can jump onboard and provide all the solutions.”

And if people don’t join, then the Partnership’s funding will run out and their work will cease, he says.

Chris says he’s introduced a “dose of reality” into the covering letter of the prospectus, describing a “sinister” decline in visitor numbers since 2002.

But he says the last couple of months have shown that Scilly can attract tourists back, as long as the offer is good and at the right price.

Deadlines for the new brochure will be tight. The Partnership is looking for businesses to commitment to their advert by the end of this month.

Chris apologises for that but says that the prospectus has taken longer to produce than expected.

You won’t need to provide all the details for your advert yet, though.

And the Partnership team will be available at the Steamship Offices from Tuesday to Friday next week, all day, if anyone wants to discuss their needs.

They’re aiming for brochure to be ready in early November and the new website to go live by Boxing Day. Chris says the Partnership are ditching the ‘Simply Scilly’ name and will  use ‘Visit Isles of Scilly’ as the web address for the new site, which will feature the same logo and design as the brochure.