Scilly’s School Maintains High GCSE Grades

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School

Pupils from Scilly’s Five Islands School are well above the national average with their GCSE exams grades.

The school matched last year’s result with 86% of students achieving grades A* to C, including maths and English. The national average is 68%.

Acting Head teacher Liz Duffy-Griffiths said the school is “extremely proud” of the pupils and their achievements.

She added that staff and students worked hard and the results are testimony to the time, effort and dedication they put in.

All of the students got the grades they needed for their post-sixteen courses.

Top performing student this year was Jaime Lock who achieved five A*, three A and three B grades.

Jamie says she was scared and emotional before opening the envelope with her mum and sister, but says she’s “really happy” with the results.

She said all her fellow schoolmates have done well and there didn’t seem to be any disasters this year.

Jamie says it’s a huge relief and she can now enjoy the rest of the summer before starting her A Levels at Truro College.

She gave particular praise to art teacher Mrs Garrett, who she said helped her a lot and encouraged the students to “use their brains.”

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