Cornish Community Group Inspired By Visit To Scilly

Tarn Lamb and Nicky Adair from Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change

Tarn Lamb and Nicky Adair from Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change

A group of 80 people involved in Cornish community groups and social enterprises visited Scilly yesterday.

They came to gain an insight into how our small and isolated community functions and to take some ideas back to the mainland.

Cornwall Neighbourhoods For Change works with people who haven’t chosen to pursue further or higher education.

The group encourages members to find new interests and skills outside their comfort zone in the hope that they’ll enjoy new experiences and enrol on formal courses later.

Oriel Hicks gave some of the group advice on how to turn a creative hobby into a business.

A group interested in environmental projects toured St Mary’s with Julie Love from the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust.

And some of the party who are involved in community projects heard how St Agnes has funded and planned its new Island Hall.

Chief Executive of the charity, Tarn Lamb, says they found that project inspiring.

She says arranging travel for 80 people including 23 children was a challenge and expensive, but feels it shows members of the group that money is being invested in providing them with worthwhile experiences.

Organiser Nicky Adair says, in many ways, Scilly is viewed by as a place with a can-do attitude.

And she says it shows people that if a project can be done on Scilly, with all of our disadvantages, then there’s no reason why it can’t also be done on the mainland.