Scilly’s Unique Inter Island Walk Sets Off This Morning

inter island walk 2011 01The inter-island low tide walk between St Martin’s and Samson gets underway from at 11.30am today with over 70 walkers registered for the charity fundraiser.

It’s the fifth time that Clare Lewis has arranged the event, to coincide with extremely low water that allows islanders and visitors to walk across the sands between the isles.

Last night 71 walkers had signed up for the event with an additional 30 people wanting to swim from Tresco’s Carn Near to St Mary’s at 5pm.

They’ll all be raising money for their favourite associated charity, either the RNLI, Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust, Surfers Against Sewage or the Marine Conservation Society.

Clare says now the walk is a regular fixture, around a third of the entrants arranged their holiday around the event.

People sign up for the walk for a number of reasons, she says. It allows them to view Scilly from a different perspective, the walk offers a sense of personal achievement and walkers also want to support the fundraising causes.

Jess Ball from Bodmin has previously taken part as a participant but she’ll be a steward this time.

She says it’s a very special event and a privilege to take part. She also enjoys the urgency of it and the race against the tide.

Clare walked the route on Tuesday for her risk assessment and she says it took her two and a half hours. She admits it’s not an easy challenge and participants can’t hang around. The water gets up to chest level at times, which is why there’s a height restriction.

Around two-thirds of people making the swim to St Mary’s are locals and Clare says the first swimmer to St Mary’s will receive a treat – a cake made by her mum!