Tresco Fundraising To Conserve ‘Oscar’

Opening of the Colossus exhibit

Opening of the Colossus exhibit

Tresco Estate has launched a campaign to boost the finances of the Isles of Scilly Maritime Heritage Trust, the conservation charity that raised the figurehead from the Colossus.

Nicknamed ‘Oscar,’ it’s been on display in a free exhibition at the Abbey Gardens, which opened in 2011.

The Local Action Group contributed £21,000 towards the displaying of the 3m high relic but the charitable trust has only brought in 30% of the £110,000 total costs of raising and conserving the artefact.

Tresco Estate is organising a prize draw, which will give anybody making a donation of at least £10 a chance to win a stay at their cottage called Colossus.

Alasdair Moore says they’ve had a fair bit of interest but the odds are still good relative to the value of the prize – a week long stay in the property which sleeps ten.

Anybody donating over £1,000 will have their names highlighted on a commemorative slate which will be hung by the exhibition.

The winner will be announced on 1st November.

Finding the ship, which sank off Samson in 1798, has been described as the most important marine archaeological discovery since the Mary Rose.