Demand Increasing For Smaller Properties On Scilly

hugh town from garrisonThere are 42 council properties considered too large for the needs of their occupants, according to the Council’s housing team.

And the greatest need is for one-bedroom properties.

Housing Officer Ian Hamilton says there are 61 single people and couples currently on the waiting list and he feels that demand is likely to increase.

Elsewhere in the country, there has been a move to downsize because of the impact of the so-called bedroom tax, which can result in a reduction in benefits if bedrooms aren’t required.

Ian says the Council has no legal power to deal with under-occupied properties if people are on the old tenancy agreements but they do try to facilitate downsizing when the tenant requests it.

He says the recently introduced five-year flexible tenancies on new lettings allow the Council to review tenants circumstances at the end of that period.

Vulnerable or elderly tenants are exempt.

Recent national press reports have highlighted our islands’ low unemployment.

Newspapers across Europe have picked up on the statistics, which show there were just three jobseekers on St Mary’s last month.

But figures revealed that one of the challenges for to recruitment here is a lack of available single person accommodation.

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