Council Says They Will Enforce Trading Standards On The Islands

hugh town bordeaux shop 3Locals and visitors who are unhappy with products or services they receive here are being assured that their concerns will be dealt with.

The Council has recently engaged Cornwall’s Trading Standards staff to investigate complaints here and they intend visiting two to three times a year.

The contract has been in place since last October and 14 businesses have been visited including pubs, shops, food and fuel suppliers.

Four complaints from the public have been investigated so far.

These include dissatisfaction with the quality of food, inaccurate descriptions on a menu, a pricing complaint and an issue over the quality of products.

One complaint remains unresolved.

David Senior, the Council’s Environment Officer, says they want to offer guidance to businesses and don’t want to take a heavy-handed approach to enforcement.

But he said they will prosecute repeated infringements and businesses that put consumers at risk.

Complaints have to be logged locally and inspectors could come over quickly if it is a severe problem.

David says that if you complain about a company you will be advised of the outcome of any investigation. The officers’ general inspection visits will be unannounced.

The businesses investigated will be monitored in the future to ensure they have taken on board the advice.