Churchtown Farm Moves To Eco-Friendly Flower Growing

churchtown flowers pickersChurchtown Farm has adopted a more eco-friendly method of growing Scilly pinks.

The St Martin’s flower-farm has replaced peat in the growing process with coir. That’s a natural fibre taken from coconuts.

Coir is a renewable resource and as it packs flats and rehydrates, it is easier and lighter to transport, which reduces the company’s freight bill and their carbon footprint.

Coir fibre uses plastic pots that can be reused, instead of the plastic bags that peat comes in.

And as a natural fibre, when it has been used it can be ploughed in to the soil to improve it’s structure.

Co-owner of Scilly Flowers, Ben Julian, says they work hard to farm responsibly and are keen to try new eco-friendly techniques.

He said the coir fibre method has proved a great success and they plan to roll it out to the whole crop when the pink season finishes in a few weeks time.