Scilly’s Energy Use Lowest in Country

hugh town from garrisonIslanders use less household energy than of any other part of the country.

And the government data, compiled between 2005 and 2011, reveals that a resident of Rutland, the county with the greatest household energy consumption, would use over three times the amount of a home in Scilly.

That’s 36 megawatt hours annually, whereas we’d use an average of 11.

Most of the highest usage areas are in the East Midlands and the lowest users are broadly in Wales and the West, and often in areas that don’t have piped gas, like Scilly.

But low usage isn’t restricted to rural communities like ours. Two local authorities in London, Tower Hamlets and City of London, appear in the lowest household energy consumption top 10.

Jonathan Smith of Transition Scilly says it’s very encouraging to know that the trend in household energy consumption is a steadily going downward.

He feels this is probably a combination of sustained energy efficiency campaigns and the recession, but it’s difficult to know which is the bigger driver.

Jonathan adds that some of the energy efficiency campaigns by organisations like the AONB, Transition Scilly, ISREC and E-Day in the past may have contributed to a greater awareness of reducing energy use on the Islands.

Whilst Scilly is one of the mildest places in the UK, we also have a high proportion of houses here that use electricity as their main heat source including storage heaters.

Jonathan says he’d encourage people to monitor their energy use as it’s good for our environment and your bank account.