Sun Boosts Turnout For This Year’s Bryher Fete

'Madame Vindicta'

‘Madame Vindicta’

The sun shone on Bryher yesterday and brought a big turn out for the island’s annual fete.

As well as the traditional food and games, this year islanders and locals were treated to a choice of music with a visiting busker touring the field with a violin and a performance by new Bryher band, the Swag Buoys.

Visitors were also offered the chance to see into the future as the island’s psychic ‘Madame Vindicta’, who bears a striking resemblance to Marian Bennett, offered to tell your fortune for £2.

She forecast that transport minister Norman Baker would remain in his cabinet position until the end of this government. And she also predicted that an all-year-round boat service would commence in three or four year’s time.

Her prediction that the fete would raise £6,320 will be proved or disproved even quicker.

This year’s event will wipe clean the £4,500 outstanding debt from the building of Bryher’s community centre.

Kathy Stedeford says there’ll be less pressure on the community in the future as the fetes will pay for small improvements and equipment, and keep the building in good order.

Kathy says she’d like to some heating being installed, something they’d put off buying until the debts were paid off.