Museum To Extend Survey Work In Scilly

Team from the Natural History Museum

Team from the Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is extending their survey work in Scilly.

Twelve scientists will start a second week-long visit today to collect specimens of plants and insects to update their collection.

And if any emerging trends are recognised, that could lead to changes in government, planning or AONB policy.

The Museum had only intended to make two trips but Dr Mark Spencer says now there could be up to six.

He says that museum colleagues have expressed an interest in joining the survey work and their earlier visits have also picked up on some interesting areas that they’d like to do more research into.

This includes looking at insect life living on elm trees, which have all but disappeared on the mainland.

The experts will be joined by three filmmakers and artist, Gemma Atherton, who will document the scientist’s work and how the public engages with them. Gemma’s hosting a 2 hour art workshop at Phoenix studios on Tuesday at 5pm.

The museum staff will be on hand to answer questions and will offer locals and visitors some guided walks including a beachcombing session on Little Porth at 12pm on Friday. The team will also be available for questions each afternoon for an hour from 4.30pm at the Porthcressa TIC.

Mark says they wanted to try a more accessible base than the Woolpack Centre on The Garrison, which they used in May, and the sessions will also be shorter.

A final report on their observations about wildlife of Scilly will be handed to the AONB in April.