Hygiene Ratings For Scilly’s Businesses To Be Published

hugh town centre summerYou’ll be able to see how Scilly restaurants or takeaways have scored in national hygiene tests as some of their results go online this week.

Twenty businesses have been inspected as part of the Food Hygiene Rating System.

Seven of those businesses have been awarded a score and have passed the deadline for any appeals, so their results should be displayed on the Food Standards Agency website this week.

Standards on the islands are said to be very high with almost all the businesses scoring in the top two brackets. They are rated out of five.

Council spokesman George Pearson says he hopes that these businesses will display their certificates with the rating for customers to see.

But he says that where points have been lost, it is often been down to uncompleted paperwork and the council is encouraging all businesses to make sure that the correct files and papers are available to support safe food handling practices.

If you are unsure you can contact the Environmental Health Officer through the Council’s Technical Services Department for advice.

George says there will be a fuller review of this scheme and what it has meant for businesses on Scilly at the end of the season.

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