Official Guidelines For Porthloo Boat Park To Be Drawn Up

porthloo glandore galleryIslanders who store their boats at Porthloo will be given a new list of do’s and don’ts.

St Mary’s harbourmaster Dale Clark is putting together a management plan so everyone knows how the site will operate once improvement works, scheduled to begin in November, are completed.

The guide will encourage consideration of nearby residents with restriction on times when noisy equipment can be used.

It will also address tidiness and deal with waste materials.

Dale says where people place vessels has been “a bit of a free for all” in the past but that’s likely to change in the future. Boats not placed in the allocated spot will be moved, he warns.

The site currently operates on a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ but the new guide will be published on the harbour website.

And Dale wants users to share their views once the code is finished through their representative on the Harbour Users Forum.