Scilly’s Newest Police Constable Starts Work

mat crowe police

The islands new police constable has been settling into the job.

Mat Crowe, who started his first shift here on Monday, says he wanted the posting to the islands because it offered him a chance to try a very different role.

Mat, who hails from Worcestershire, joined Devon and Cornwall Police at the age of 31 after working as a chef. His children are grown up so he’s moved over on his own.

He’s previously served in Bodmin, Perranporth and Truro and recently he’s been based in Camborne in Cornwall, with one of the most challenging roles in the force.

He was dealing with habitual offenders, a small group of people who commit the vast majority of crimes. Mat says that type of work “takes it out of you” and he felt it was time to move on.

And he feels it’s unlikely that there’s anyone like that here.

He’s spoken to former Scilly officers and says everyone has had a good word to say about the islands and the job.

Mat says he does value privacy and he knows that his high profile position will make him more visible than he was on the mainland.

But he says that living in Porthleven has given him a sense of what to expect here. He’s holidayed in Scilly before and says he’s sure he’ll be able to find places to keep a low profile on the islands when he wants to.

Mat has set himself a challenge in his time here to overcome his fear of water, which is a result of a scare he had when swimming in the River Severn as a boy.

He says he can swim and hopes to join police colleagues in the Tresco triathlon next year.


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