Redundancy Letters Go Out To Senior Council Officers

town hall 4 copyThe Council’s Senior Officers have been informed of their redundancy.

As part of the Town Hall streamlining announced in June, four director-level posts are being scrapped.

The Council needs to shave around £600,000 off its annual running costs.

The roles of the Director of Planning and Economic Development, Director of Community Services and Adult Education, Chief Technical Officer and Director of Finance and Resources are all being abolished.

The posts are being replaced by just two director positions, the Director of Place and the Director of People, which the current post holders will be able to apply for along with any suitably qualified applications from outside the organisation.

Three Chairmen from the committees that fall under each directorship and the Council Chair and Vice Chair will undertake the interviews.

It’s expected that the directors will be in the new posts by the late autumn.

We understand that there will now be a 30-day consultation period. Officers will also work their notice period, which could be up to 3 months.

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