Complaints Over Lights On Porthcressa

porthcressa schiller shelterThe Council will today aim to resolve complaints about the lights on the new Porthcressa development staying on all night.

The lights in the seating bays has stayed on into the small hours over the last two weekends.

Barry Wright, proprietor of the Porthcressa Disco, says that has encouraged people to socialise with friends afterwards and although they’ve been well behaved, their talking can disturb neighbours.

He feels that if the lights are off, people wouldn’t congregate.

Resident Sheila Thomas says she’s spoken to Council officers about lighting being left on all night in the Schiller shelter.

Since she complained, the lighting inside the Tourist Information Centre is switched off but outdoor security lights are still on and they encouraging people to sit outside the TIC late into the night.

A Town Hall spokesperson told us the seating illumination is meant to turn off at 10pm. Staff will check the timers as a recent power cut may have affected the system.

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