Locals Learn Art Of Dry Stone Walling

wall with lichen 3Local farmers and land managers have been learning the ancient art of dry stone walling.

It’s one of a series of courses being organised by the Isles of Scilly Farmers’ and Growers’ Initiative, which have included everything from cattle handling and crop spraying to food hygiene.

Manager Jess Vian says dry stone walling was one skill that was flagged up by members when the initiative was first formed.

The course last week was run by mainland-based expert, Mervyn Gingell and was supported by the local AONB.

Trevor Kirk from the AONB says it’s something that fits well with their aims of enhancing the farmed landscape.

Last year, a study by Trevor’s group highlighted the importance of tradition field boundaries in Scilly and tried to assess how much rebuilding and repair was required.

It’s thought the increase in grazing animals in Scilly will increase the demand for skilled wall builders here.

Jess says feedback from the participants has been very positive and there are requests for further sessions to be run in the future.