Scilly’s Healthwatch Wants To Hear Your Experience Of Medical Care

hospital  nhs sign 2Scilly’s Healthwatch organisation is asking people to share their experiences of the medical treatment they’ve received here and on the mainland.

They’re repeating their Health Care Survey and questionnaires will be sent out during September to all households on the islands.

Manager Carol Clarke says they’ll be focussing on similar areas as last year, such as the GP practice, community nursing, in-patient treatment, and medical travel.

And she says it’s important that people give ten minutes of their time to fill it in, because the data can be invaluable when Healthwatch meets with the health service providers.

Having the data means they can see any trends emerging and can try to fix these before they become a big problem.

Carol says in previous surveys there was a ‘heartfelt’ call for a female GP on the islands, which is now being addressed by having regular female locums visiti from Cornwall.

The survey is kept deliberately open-end, so people can give their views on the services they’ve used.

And Carol’s just as keen to hear about what’s working well, not just those that need improving.

The small numbers involved in Scilly means getting enough data can be tough. But Carol’s hoping that at least 20% of the surveys get returned this year.