Scilly Featured In New Wildlife Travel Guide

sealsA new guide to short breaks where travellers can gain the best wildlife experience could encourage more visitors to Scilly.

‘52 Wildlife Weekends’ is the latest Bradt travel guide and has been written by James Lowen.

He’s been visiting the islands regularly for 25 years and says that the wildlife he’s experienced here is “fantastic.”

James says Scilly features twice in the guide because we offer some experiences that you cant get elsewhere in Britain

He recommends visiting in October for bird watching. His second suggestion is to visit this weekend, the second weekend in August, to experience the sea life.

James says Scilly is particularly good for viewing storm petrels and shearwaters, while the more adventurous shouldn’t miss the chance to spend time below the water, snorkelling with grey seals.

And James writes about our islands more unusual residents, like the stick insects living at Trenoweth, the Scilly shrew and the abundance of lichens.

James says the book is aimed at people who are not seasoned wildlife travellers, but enjoy outdoor activities like a walk in the woods.

And he hopes his guide will encourage people to try a different sort of ‘staycation.’