Police Helicopter Surveys Landing Sites

police helicopterA police helicopter was in the air over Scilly yesterday afternoon.

But the EC145 Eurocopter wasn’t here for an emergency. It was a planned visit to allow new pilots to familiarise themselves with the islands.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says the management of police helicopters in England and Wales changed last October.

Instead of being linked to particular forces, they now come under a single organisation, the National Police Air Service, formed to coordinate the activities of all Police aircraft.

It’s the first time they have organised a flight over here since moving to the new arrangements

It was a chance for them to assess landing sites on all the islands.

Colin says they also took photos from key points around the coastline, which could help in planning future search and rescue operations.

The work only took a few hours, although a technical problem with the chopper door meant it had to stay at St Mary’s airport overnight, while an engineer was brought from the mainland.