Bid For Scilly Rep On Co-op Committee Fails

coop signIt’s not been third time lucky for Garrison resident Alan Davis who has failed in his attempt to be elected as area committee member for the Co-operative Society.

Alan says his poll of 445 votes of the 4,751 returned across the Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly region is a reasonable number but he feels the islands have no chance in electing a representative because there are just more people in Cornwall.

He’s been pushing for a ring-fenced seat for Scilly for years.

The Co-op argues that locals’ views are listened to and anyone has a fair chance of election.

But Alan claims that stating that you are from St Mary’s on the regional ballot paper is a, “kiss of death.”

Mr Davis has emailed regional management claiming the local store is a disaster and not a good showcase for Scilly or the company.

He has written to regional management complaining about the state of the floors, the narrow aisles, product stocking and display policy.

Alan says batteries are hanging as promotional items next to bread. And home bakers can no longer buy yeast even though the store sells bread flour.

And he alleges that the company does not care.

Regional Secretary of the south and west region Andrew North has replied pointing out that a member of the National Board and senior management visited St Mary’s last year and have taken on board much of the feedback.

He says managers continue regular visits and additional resources have been deployed.

He’s passed on Alan’s complaints to the operations manager who deals with the St Mary’s store.

Alan is uncertain whether he will stand for election again, as he feels it is futile while Scilly’s candidates have to battle Cornish representatives for a seat.

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