School Governors Concerned Over Rising Cost Of Sports Facilities

Sports Hall

Sports Hall

Some Five Islands School governors have expressed concern over the cost of using the new sports hall and MUGA.

The school pays a fixed percentage of the running costs of the facilities. That meant the school paid £37,500 last year.

But minutes from the March meeting show governors described the figure as ‘inflated’ and higher than originally estimated.

Council accounts show the sports hall cost around £130,000 to operate last year, £32,000 over budget.

Chair of governors, Ben Julian, told us the cost of the sports facilities was originally based on the projected use by both the school and the community.

Now we’re a couple of years into the arrangements, he says, there’s a better understanding of the associated costs and usage.

He says the school has to be sure that these arrangements are still working, which is why governors have been discussing it.

He says they’ve started talking with the Council over how their use should be charged for in the future.

The minutes also show the School is buying a cherry picker – an elevated work platform.

Ben says it will be provide a safe way to access some of the high ceilings for maintenance, changing bulbs and dealing with theatre lighting.

Governors have agreed the £6,500 purchase, which will be funded from money allocated for the new school building.

It’s hoped that some of the expense will be clawed back if it can be hired to the Council to use in the sports hall to access the high ceiling there.