New Islands’ Representative Appointed To LEP Board

LEP Board Aug 2013The Scilly and Cornwall Local Enterprise Partnership has appointed four new directors from the public sector to its board of fourteen members.

And among the new appointments will by the islands’ only representative, Council vice-chairman Dudley Mumford.

The group is the conduit for the next round of European economic development funding worth €593m on the islands and Cornwall.

A meeting on September 11th in Truro will work out how that money could be split.

Dudley says he’ll be fighting for Scilly to have as much as it can from within the LEP’s four main target areas – business and growth, knowledge and innovation, employment and the natural environment.

And he believes the islands have a great opportunity to take advantage of the EU funding.

Dudley says he’s the sole board member for Scilly at this stage, although the LEP’s planning to recruit a new director from the private sector later this year.

He’s not concerned about being outnumbered as he says it’s a partnership and “they need us as much as we need them.”

The LEP needs to represent both Cornwall and Scilly, which gives higher weighting to the islands, despite our small size, he says.