Tresco Art Sale Prelude To ‘Rickshaw Run’ Charity Challenge

rickshaw run 2013
Islands’ artists will be able to sell their works to art lovers on Tresco later this month in a Cancer Research fundraiser.

It’s been arranged to complement the fundraising by seven islanders, who will undertake a 3,500km drive across Northern India in a rickshaw next month. The men will make the journey in a vehicle with just a 7hp engine.

It’s the follow-on from their successful 2010 Mongol Rally entry.

Will Ash is one of the team and his mum Jo is organising the art sale at the New Inn.

Jo says it’s a way of raising awareness for the event while making some extra funds for the charity at the same time.

And she says any art or handicrafts will be welcome. All the organisers ask is that you must agree to give half your takings from the sale to Cancer Research.

Jo says the charity art sale provides a different way for locals and visitors to give money to the cause, and previous experience suggests it it can attract a different crowd from the usual gallery regulars.

Any unsold art will be left on display at the New Inn so visitors can still purchase pieces after the event.

Jo says all of the money raised from the sale will go straight to the charity. The men are also keen to point out that they are funding their own travel to India and all their sponsorship will go straight to the cause.

You can call Jo on 422482 if you want to contribute to the sale, which takes place on Tuesday the 20th August.