St Agnes Fete Goes Ahead Despite Weather

St Agnes Fete 2011The Round-the-Island race, the Tresco Raft Race and the Caribbean Garden Party at St Mary’s Hall were all cancelled due to weather yesterday, but St Agnes fete organisers went ahead with their event.

Money raised will go towards the revamped Island Hall, which along with Periglis Meadow is normally the venue for the fete.

But builders are currently in the process of erecting a timber-framed extension to the former Bible Christian church, so more than 200 people gathered around School Hill instead.

Highlight of the afternoon for many was the auction conducted by Mark Eberlein. It ended with Jimmy Paget-Brown inadvertently bidding against his wife Sue for a special plate made by Oriel Hicks and featuring St Agnes lighthouse.

Sue offered £62 but Jimmy, who from his sitting position on the hill couldn’t see his partner, outbid her and bagged the item himself for £65.

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