Former Council Chair Fails To Stop Buzza Bus Price Rise

buzza bus 2A former Council Chairman has failed in his attempt to force a debate on reversing the Buzza bus fare increase.

The cost of the dial-a-ride service for elderly and disabled residents rose from £1 to £1.50 a trip on 1st August.

In a statement read during approval of the minutes at last Thursday’s Full Council meeting, Cllr Colin Daly argued that there’s enough money to fund the service and he proposed a small change donation box instead of the rise.

He didn’t like the fact that the Buzza Bus price change was passed in private session in the Community Services meeting. The Policy and Resources committee later ratified it publicly.

Colin was told by Chairman Amanda Martin and Administration Officer Sue Pritchard that he couldn’t speak on the matter as the Full Council was just agreeing minutes and he should only be flagging up corrections, but Colin wouldn’t sit down and continued reading his statement.

Eventually he forced a vote on whether the rise could be discussed again. But he lost the vote by 11 votes to 5.