Scilly’s Council Agrees Process For Appointing New Senior Roles

town hall 4 copyCouncillors have agreed the process for recruiting the Council’s new Chief Executive and Directors.

The Interim Chief Exec Barry Keel recommended that three councillors should interview shortlisted candidates. He felt a small group would allow the interviewers to ask detailed questions.

But Cllr Avril Mumford wanted more elected members involved and last night the full council agreed an adjusted number of interviewers for the panel.

Cllr Robert Dorrien Smith was picked because of his employer experience as owner of Tresco.

Cllrs Richard McCarthy, Christine Savill and the Chairman and Vice Chairman of Council, Amanda Martin and Dudley Mumford, will also quiz candidates.

Christine’s request that candidates should visit at least one off-island during the process was approved.

Whilst some councillors felt as many members as possible should meet finalists, Cllr Steve Sims was worried that the process would become “a circus” and he couldn’t see how twenty councillors could make a personal assessment in one hour.

Barry Keel said there would be an informal meeting over lunch, a “trial by buffet.” He joked that they’d identify who could handle talking and eating at the same time.

But Cllr Savill added that you could tell a lot about a candidate from their behaviour in a social setting.

David Pearson suggested going further, and that councillors should meet the candidate’s families too. That wasn’t taken further.

Although five members will make the hiring decision, Barry Keel confirmed to Cllr Gordon Bilsborough that the Full Council would still have to ratify the hiring and could overturn the appointment. But he warned if that happened, they’d have to start the process again and few candidates may come forward.

It’s expected that the recruitment advert will be placed nationally, soon.

Barry’s recommendation that five councillors should pick the two Council Directors was adopted.

Last night councillors also agreed the redundancy policy for staff that lose their jobs in the cutbacks, and senior managers’ pay.

But those two issues were debated in closed session, where press and public are excluded.