Council Waiting For New Glass Crusher To Arrive

The Town Hall

The Town Hall

The Council is still waiting for a glass crusher, which should make better use of discarded bottles.

It’s been six months since the order was placed with an American firm and the authority has already made two payments. But Neville Gardener says that the Town Hall won’t settle the entire bill until the kit arrives.

Cllr Richard McCarthy voiced concerns over the time it was taking for the machine to arrive.

Andy Street of consultants SLR told councillors attending a special waste meeting that the suppliers had not been as sharp as they would have liked.

Mr Street said the islands seem to produce a lot of waste glass bottles considering our population size, although he explained that he wasn’t making a social comment and that there were seasonal variations.

When the equipment does turn up it will be used to create coarser glass material for drainage works and can also produce a replacement for aggregate in the concrete-making process.

Andy told councillors that the machine would save both the financial and environmental costs of importing material and exporting the glass.

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