St Martin’s Councillor Calls For Action Over ‘Mini Moorwell Alp’

The refuse site on St Martin's

The refuse site on St Martin’s

St Martin’s has developed a “mini Moorwell Alp” according to island councillor Colin Daly.

And the man who handles the island’s waste, Richard Morton, estimates there are now forty skip loads of rubbish filling the former clay pit dump.

But there are differing views on how the rubbish mound can be tackled.

The Council’s waste consultant, Andy Street of SLR, told councillors on Tuesday that the “ball is in the Morton’s court.” He claims that the Council has been waiting for months for them to quote for the job. Some members then questioned whether the contract should remain with them.

But yesterday Richard Morton said he had responded to the Town Hall’s request for a price for the job and it was the Council that had not replied to him.

From Radio Scilly

Cllr Colin Daly talks to Radio Scilly about the St Martin’s refuse site

Mr Street later confirmed that the Mortons had offered a quote six months ago, but SLR was waiting for a revised submission.

Richard says he’s continued to send perishable waste to St Mary’s each week, but household rubbish and old white goods were building up. He says he’s been waiting for the Council to approve his quote to concrete the site and add fencing, to control access and prevent fly tipping.

Chief Technical Officer Neville Gardner told councillors that St Martin’s waste site was “the toughest nut to crack.”

He highlighted restricting access to the Bryher and St Agnes refuse sites as a success, but Richard says the option of limiting access hours was rejected by St Martin’s islanders at their island meeting in the winter.

Richard, who says his contract pays him by the skip load, believes that there are too few skips now being sent to St Martin’s. He alleges that is to prevent further waste piling up at Moorwell on St Mary’s

Neville told councillors that if they’re unhappy with the situation they could re-assess the contract although Cllr Gaz O’Neill questioned whether there was anyone else able to undertake such a contract on the island.

And while some members apportioned blame, Colin Daly suggested that it was the system, rather than individuals, that had failed.

He said the situation had just built up over time because rubbish wasn’t being removed frequently enough.

Colin told us the council should “get a grip” and it’s down to the Chief Technical Officer to sort the matter.

Dudley Mumford also pushed for action. He said that if the Council couldn’t resolve the waste problems on St Martin’s then they wouldn’t be able to solve the larger issues elsewhere.

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