Moorwell Alp Could Be Removed Within A Year

moorwell alp 2Most of the Moorwell rubbish dump should be levelled within a year and the Council will avoid getting a new incinerator if it can.

That’s the message from the Chairman of the General Purposes Committee, Steve Sims.

He says that work on removing the mound of waste material should start this autumn, outside of the tourist season.

Steve made that commitment yesterday following a special Council meeting called to discuss waste. He says the job has to be finished by April, or the Council will loose the funding from Defra.

Yesterday councillors agreed that it would be best to remove the waste pile by barge, sailing from Porthmellon to facilities on the mainland.

The Council’s consultants, SLR, are assessing the cost of shipping waste to mainland incinerators.  A major new burner in Cornwall wasn’t in operation when the issue was last assessed.

The decision to export the waste brings into question whether the current incinerator will be replaced at all. Steve says the islands generate around 2,000 tonnes of waste each year so removal to mainland sites could be practical.

At the moment it costs £183 to burn a tonne of waste on St Mary’s so if it costs a similar amounts to move it to the mainland, that would be viable.

He says there will domestic waste recycling introduced on the islands and there would be collection of separated material from homes.

The consultants had previously planned for locals to take their own separated waste down to the tip.

Cllr Sims says the outcome of yesterday’s special meeting is very positive and he feels that the Council should have handled information about waste better in the past.

He says the consultants have said that the ‘Moorwell Alp’ has been given a clean bill of health, and although there is asbestos, there isn’t much and the bulk of it is in sheets.

No airborne asbestos and no issues with pollutants have been found.

He also says that the water table is compliant with expected standards.

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