Islands’ Partnership Moves To Next Stage Of Digital Strategy

simply scilly website 2013The Islands Partnership is hoping to tap into the rapidly growing area of social networking by recruiting a Digital Content Manager.

Amanda Pender from the Partnership said social media is now the number one reason that people use the Internet and marketing the islands through these routes will reach potential visitors who are more comfortable with these newer forms of communication.

It’s a great way to interact with younger people and keep them as loyal customers in the long term, says Amanda.

While they’re looking for someone with a good background in social media, she says they’ll also need to understand the potential that new technology has in raising awareness of Scilly’s brand.

That means taking a key role in developing content for the Simply Scilly website too.

There are any number of people on Scilly who are multi talented and skilled in all manner of areas, says Amanda, and this is an excellent opportunity for someone who has commitments in other areas to become involved in the Islands’ Partnership, a way that fits in with their lifestyle.

Anyone interested in the job should contact Amanda on 424036.

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