Waste Report Recommends Dropping Pendrathen And Porth Wreck Plans

Pendrathen quarry

Pendrathen quarry

Pendrathen and Porth Wreck should not be used for the re-siting of suitable waste from the Moorwell Alp.

That’s the view of Council consultants SLR, who are recommending that the material is shipped to the mainland. But they warn that it will cost more and may be viewed as less sustainable.

As recently as last month, the experts were outlining the option for a 2-year process for moving the waste to Pendrathen along McFarlands Down.

Locals have been fiercely opposed to the proposals. Their opposition isn’t given as a reason for suggesting that the sites are no longer considered.

SLR were concerned that planning and environmental assessments could delay the work and that would jeopardise the waste management project.

Managing the Moorwell Alp reduction would require further consultation with nearby residents and industrial estate businesses. SLR hope that the proposal for a new access road through the industrial estate can be developed.

They say that any work would again need to be undertaken outside the tourism season and efforts would have to be made to limit the impact on locals from rats and flies disturbed by the works.

Detailed chemical tests on Moorwell have been undertaken. They say they haven’t found any material which would not be expected on a similar mainland site but they have confirmed that there is asbestos there.

Surveys predict that works on the site won’t affect groundwater and findings of all those studies should be released to the public over the next few months, they urge.

The report explains that islanders feel they haven’t been kept in the loop over the waste consultation process.

123 people attended the two public sessions earlier this year. The second was called when councillors felt the first event hadn’t be effectively publicised.

SLR say that there was a “disappointing” lack of understanding over what was proposed in the original waste strategy and they accept that the consultation process has been “limited” and believe that there needs to be “more effective consultation.”

The Chairman of the General Purposes committee Steve Sims “pulled” this report by SLR from a meeting agenda earlier this month. It was because the experts’ report had not been made available to the public ahead of the meeting. That’s required by law.

The issue of waste management has been hugely emotive with very strong opinions being expressed by both islanders and councillors.

But at next week’s meeting, the members are simply being asked to note the contents of the report.

No detailed action plan has been shared with councillors as part of this report.

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