Council To Undertake Formal Review Of Sunday Flying

The Council is to launch a formal review into the potential for scheduled flying to and from St Mary’s airport on Sundays.

Development officer, Julian Pearce said the question of Sunday flying is ‘often mentioned but never fully addressed,’ adding that an open discussion is long overdue.

In his report, which went before councillors at last Thursday’s Transport Committee meeting, Julian said the recent review by consultants Parson Brinkerhoff stated that the decline in visitor numbers could not be reversed unless the airport opens on Sundays.

However he also accepted that the impacts could be far reaching and there would need to be negotiations with the Steamship Company, the tourism sector and the wider community to decide how to move forward.

Cllr Robert Dorrien Smith supported the work and asked the council to move quickly. He said it was an urgent matter and the issue shouldn’t be left on the back burner.

The Airport Management Group will now produce a business case for Sunday flying and present that back to Full Council in the autumn.

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