Comedy Trio Fascinating Aïda Performing On Scilly This Weekend

fascinating Aida

Three women, who dress up in fabulous costumes and sing outrageous songs. That’s how Adele Anderson, one of the singers in the comedy trio Fascinating Aïda, describes their act, which is coming to Scilly this weekend.

The group has been touring for over twenty years and appear regularly on Radio Four. But Adele says their music doesn’t just appeal to middle class, middle age listeners.

They’ve become an internet sensation with their song ‘Cheap Flights’, which pokes fun at the frustration of using low cost airlines, and has received over four million hits on YouTube.

And while she appreciates that Scilly isn’t the cheapest place to get to, she says ‘Cheap Flights’ could serve as a warning as to what we might get if we ever go down the budget carrier route.

Adele says the internet has given them a new lease of life and brought in a whole younger generation of fans who appreciate their mix of “exquisite singing and social satire.”

She says it’s even allowed then to publish some of their ruder songs, which would never make it onto the radio.

Adele says the group is looking forward to visiting Scilly for the first time. They often play islands and people who live there seem to appreciate acts that make the effort to include them on tours, she says.

And she hopes people will go away from their shows feeling they’ve had a great laugh. If they haven’t, she says, then we’ve failed.

Fascinating Aïda will be performing at the Five Islands School on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th July. Tickets can be obtained from the TIC, price £15.


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