Natural England Surveying Scilly’s Reefs

sea and rocksThe reefs around Scilly appear to be in good health.

That’s the initial finding of Natural England’s Marine Lead Advisor, Kate Sugar, who’s on the islands with a team of twelve performing a full survey of the marine habitat.

Kate says the reefs around Scilly are some of the best in the country, with a huge diversity of species, and are internationally recognised. She says that’s what makes the area so popular with visiting divers.

The survey is part of the six-yearly monitoring programme that’s performed to detect any changes and to report back the health of the area to the EU.

The divers have been monitoring the kelp beds and rock walls, which are home to the brightly coloured jewel anemones. Local divers Dave Mcbride and Tim Allsop are helping them.

They’ve mainly been concentrating on areas around St Mary’s, because of the prevailing winds, but hope to visit northern sites around Men-a-Vaur and Bryher later in the week.

Kate says they’re half way through the survey and, so far, nothing seems unusual and the reefs look healthy, although the final verdict will need to wait until the data is analysed.