Quaker Movement Starts Regular Meetings On St Mary’s

king james bible - manseFor the first time on St Mary’s, the Quaker movement has started regular meetings.

The sessions have been held at The Manse on Sundays at 5pm for the last four weeks.

The Quakers were founded in the wake of the English Civil War and members hold Christian beliefs. They are pacifist and don’t discriminate by sex, race or social class.

Unusually, they also don’t have priests or an organised hierarchy, don’t sing hymns or follow set prayers and advocate silent reflection in meetings.

Andrina Cossey, who is Clerk of Cornwall Quakers Area Meeting, visited yesterday as she was on holiday here. She says she hopes the islands’ group will increase the number of meetings in the region to ten.

Local resident Maureen Carter says she became interested in Quakerism when a visiting WI member spoke about their different approach to Christianity. She says the movement is very much about treating people in the way you’d like to be treated yourself, with respect and friendship.

And she says it felt like a refreshing change from the other established churches in Scilly.

Linda Owens has been a Quaker for 20 years and missed the chance to go to a meeting when she moved to the islands.

She says there’s no particular goal they’re trying to reach in terms of numbers. They’ll just welcome anyone who would like to come along to their meetings.