Head Of New Local Environment Partnership Wants To Learn From Scilly

Alan Knight OBE

Alan Knight OBE

The man in charge of the new Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Environment Partnership has made his first visit to the islands.

Chairman Alan Knight says he’s impressed with what he feels is a ‘deep understanding’ for the role of the environment here. He wants it protected or enhanced because that’s why visitors come here.

Alan says the Local Environment Partnership is not intended to replace established groups like the AONB or Wildlife Trust, but to try and come up with a long-term vision of how to use and develop the landscape in the region.

He says there’s always a danger that in the rush for economic development, the environment could be destroyed, which could have a long-term on areas like tourism.

He’ll be working with the Local Enterprise Partnership, which was recently given responsibility for the next round of EU funding, to persuade them to take the landscape and environment into account when making decisions.

And he feels that Scilly would be a good role model for how to do that.

Alan says during his visit, he saw how completely dependent the economy here was on the landscape, because that’s what people come to see.

And he highlighted the local lobster industry, saying it was a great example of sustainable fishing.

He feels the Environment Partnership could help to develop that. Alan says there are restaurants and hotels in Cornwall that would ‘die’ to be able to serve sustainable lobster from Scilly, but the distribution isn’t good enough to allow that at the moment.

Alan became chairman of the new group in June and is currently in the process of recruiting the board. He’s hoping to announce the names in a couple of weeks and says there will be representatives from Scilly appointed.