Extensions Granted For Tresco Holiday Cottage

New Grimsby Harbour, Tresco

New Grimsby Harbour, Tresco

Tresco Estate has been granted permission to extend a holiday cottage on the island.

Cliff Cottage, a traditional 2-bedroomed property at New Grimsby, will get new, single storey extension housing a master bedroom, while an existing lean-to at the side will be replaced by a second extension containing a sitting room.

Planning Officer Harriet Bowen said that concerns had been raised about the length of the extensions in the original application and these had now been revised.

She felt the additions would be a worthwhile upgrade to the tourist accommodation and help support the local economy, so recommended approval.

Cllr Richard McCarthy expressed concern that some properties on the islands had been extended successively, increasing their size bit by bit. But Harriet assured him that any future proposals would look at the size of the original building when making a planning decision.

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