Islands’ Priest To Extol Virtues Of Scilly At Queen’s Chapel

Rev Canon Paul Miller

Rev Canon Paul Miller

Regular worshippers at St Mary’s parish church will notice the absence of Canon Paul Miller tomorrow.

That’s because he has an important appointment. He’s preaching at the Queen’s Chapel in London.

Paul is one of 34 Chaplains to the Queen and as part of his duties, he has to lead the service once a year at the chapel attached to St James’ Palace.

And he says he’s going to use his first sermon since moving to Scilly to promote how wonderful the islands are.

Paul says members of the royal household attend regularly, as well as the public, particularly tourists. Around 100 people will hear attend the service.

The reading this Sunday will be about hospitality, so he says it’ll be easy to weave the delights of Scilly into the story and encourage people to visit.

It’s amazing, he says, how many people in London don’t even know where the islands are.

Unfortunately the Queen won’t be attending this weekend as there’s lots of family activity with the impending royal birth, he says.

This is the eighth time Paul has preached at the chapel since being appointed in 2005, although he says the journey from his previous parish in Kent was a lot easier.

He says he’s probably the only Chaplain to the Queen who essentially lives ‘overseas.’