End Of An Era At St Martin’s Post Office

st martins from above 2It’s the end of an era on Monday as St Martin’s Postmistress Julia Walder hands over the keys to the new managers.

Julia has run the Post Office and shop for 16 years, although she worked there for many years beforehand with her aunt.

And she says it will be a day of very mixed emotions, although she admits she’s looking forward to the chance to do other things.

The Post Office has changed a lot since she first took on the role. Julia says everything used to be done on paper in big books, but now it’s computerised.

And it’s hard work, she says. When the doors close at 5.30pm, that’s just the start of more activity going on behind the scenes.

Julia says it’s almost impossible to quantify how important the Post Office is to a small island community.

Apart from the postal and shop services, she also provides everything from handing out medicines to booking the St Martin’s tennis courts.

She’s even opened up on Christmas morning after someone forgot to buy an ingredient for dinner.

Post Office officials will be travelling over on Monday to organise the hand over. The new managers will be Jan and Bruce Frank, who are moving over from Somerset with their three children.

They are long time visitors to St Martin’s and even honeymooned on the island.

Julia says she’s sure they’ll love the job as much as she has and she believes the local community will welcome them.

And Julia thanked all of the staff and customers who have supported her in Post Office over the years.

St Martin’s Post Office will be closed until about 11am on Monday while the handover takes place.

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