McFarland’s Noticeboard Could Get Reprieve

telegraph noticeboardThe Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, has said the Council could consider replacing a makeshift noticeboard on a garage door at McFarland’s Down.

The building it’s on is due to be demolished soon, as the site is being redeveloped, but Cllr David Pearson says it’s become a useful facility for people living ‘out in the country.’

David says it’s in regular use by businesses and people advertising events. He wanted to know if the tourist department was going to replace it.

Council chairman Amanda Martin said there’s a similar board in Old Town and she felt both were a useful outpost for people to get information.

Craig said they need to take care about the proliferation of signs and noticeboards, but agreed the one at McFarland’s was worth carrying onl.

He would consider a new one as long as it was sensibly designed and sited.

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