Councillor Asks About Future Of Shelter Evening Openings

porthcressa schiller shelterA councillor has praised the work of the volunteers keeping the Schiller Shelter open in the evenings but has asked how long the arrangement can continue.

Following an email sent to Council staff last month by Chairman Amanda Martin, several people came forward to say they would look after the shelter after the TIC closed, so it could stay open until 7pm.

But Gordon Bilsborough said the arrangement with volunteers can’t carry on and asked what other options were available.

Julian Pearce said they would need to monitor how many people used the shelter in the evenings. He said it’s been popular during the good weather but the numbers might drop if the weather turns bad.

However, he said there were options to carry on with the volunteers, or look at paying staff.

It’s the third week the shelter has been opening later. 51 people came in during the first week in the evening to make enquiries at the TIC, while that increased to 101 in the second week.

And one of the volunteers, Cllr Avril Mumford, said she’d had lots of enquiries and people really seemed to appreciate the facility.

One problem is that the volunteers can’t handle money, so Avril said she couldn’t sell them a map.

Julian said that was to protect the volunteers but said they could look at providing an honesty box-type arrangement.

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