Fifty Years Of ‘Ad Hoc’ Planning At Moorwell Rectified

Waste management site at Moorwell

Waste management site at Moorwell

Councillors have granted a Lawful Development Certificate for the continued use of the Moorwell waste site on St Mary’s.

Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden said the activities on the site had evolved for 50 years on an ad hoc basis and hadn’t been properly documented in planning terms.

It means they couldn’t prove to the Environment Agency that the work was legal.

Documents and photos dating back to the 70s were used to prove that the site had been in use for decades and the former Chief Technical Officer, Brian Lowen, who managed the site from 1981, signed a sworn statement.

The certificate will allow the Council to get a permit from the Environment Agency to recycle soil and aggregates. They’ll also be allowed to stockpile domestic and commercial waste as well as sort hazardous material, such as batteries and light bulbs.

Letters had been sent to all residents and businesses in the area about the application but Craig says no one has objected.

Cllr Gordon Bilsborough said the Council was simply asking to continue the lawful use of the site and he could see no reason to reject this. It was accepted unanimously.

Plans for the management of waste on the Moorwell site are due to be debated by councillors at a special meeting on 30th July.