Council To Refresh Their Website

council websiteThe Council are planning to update their website.

Community Relations Officer, George Pearson, told councillors at Tuesday’s P&R meeting that the current site is over a decade old.

He said a new website was needed that would be more suited to the modern digital age, including paying for Council services online.

The government is also pushing local authorities to make their sites more accessible to all members of the community.

He feels it could cost somewhere between £10,000 and £35,000.

The current website cost £43,000 with a further £5,660 being spent on maintenance each year.

Council Chair Amanda Martin said councillors have been complaining about the site for years.

She said she’s reasonably computer literate, but has had problems accessing information on the site.

She felt it needed more than a ‘review’ and that they should be coming back with a finished system by now.

Cllr Steve Sims felt they were starting from a strong position, because no matter what’s done to the website, “it will be better,” he said.

George is hoping to bring proposals back to the next P&R committee.

The latest accounts have revealed that the Authority lost £10,000 last year when their web site management company went bust.

The website was taken over by another company but money paid up front for maintenance was lost.