Guesthouse Owner To Launch ‘Adventure Scilly’ Activity Breaks

runners legsA St Mary’s guesthouse proprietor is launching an adventure holiday business, to offer activity breaks that make the most of Scilly’s environment and landscape.

Nick Lishman from Mincarlo Guest House has been passionate about sea swimming, biking and running for years.

Recently he’s arranged private competitions between friends where he’s challenged them to swimming, running and biking contest between fixed points around the islands.

Nick says he hopes to finalise insurances soon and that means he could book in his first ‘Adventure Scilly’ customers later this year.

Nick says he hopes to offer package holidays for active visitors who want to swim, trail run, kayak, try outdoor circuits or pilates and yoga.

The goal is to deliver most of the sessions using skills already found on the islands.

Nick will work with personal trainer Patrick May and sports therapist Darren Mason, bringing in additional expertise as required.

Last week, Nick was on the mainland to gain his level 2 mountain bike course leader qualifications.

And the new service won’t be just for visitors. Islanders wanting to undertake next year’s Tresco Triathlon will be able to receive training before the event.