Council Reviews Emergency Procedures

Sports hall could be used as emergency shelter

Sports hall could be used as emergency shelter

Scilly’s councillors have reviewed a list of procedures that will hopefully never be need.

They’ve approved the latest emergency plan, which will be used if disaster strikes Scilly.

In a crisis, Council staff will help transport affected people to rest centres. That’s because it may be unrealistic to expect them to reach designated buildings themselves, if for instance they’re evacuated from a hotel in their nightwear.

The Council has been advised that managing a rest centre is more difficult as the numbers rise and an ideal maximum number is 250.

A list of bases, all compliant with disability regulations, has been identified and include the Golf Club, Mundesley House, the Army Cadet Hut on the Garrison and St Mary’s Airport.

The new sports hall will be a key crisis resource. It can sleep 150 – that’s three times the capacity of the Town Hall and four times the Church Hall.

All of the off-island halls are part of the plan, but Cllr Richard McCarthy commented that the nominated St Agnes centre, the Island Hall, is currently a building site.

Some Councillors were keen to formalise arrangements with Cornish charity Shelter Box.

They’ve informally agreed to assist but members wanted confirmation, as there have been changes recently within the charity.

Richard pointed out that islanders fundraise for them and Cllr James Francis felt sure that they would help in a crisis.

The plans will be tested in an office-based exercise in September.