Survey To Study Attitudes On Travel To And From Scilly

skybus twin ottersThe Council is to undertake a major transport survey.

Economic Development Officer, Julian Pearce, says they want to get a better understanding of the attitudes and behaviours of travellers, both visitors to the islands and residents.

It’s being carried out by an external agency called Bluegrass Research.

Julian says the research is critical to the ongoing upgrades the transport infrastructure on the islands.

It will ask questions like which airports people prefer to fly to and from, the cost of journeys and issues around Sunday flying and winter boat services.

The last survey was in 2007 and Julian says attitudes change with time. There’s lots of anecdotal evidence at the moment, he says, but no hard facts.

The Council has an email database of around 7,500 visitors who will be contacted to fill in the survey. They’ll also be phoning 300 people on the islands and opening an online version.

It’ll take about two weeks to get enough response to be statistically significant.

Julian says the data will be invaluable when they need to apply for external grant funding and will help to develop the Council’s strategy over the coming years.

It’s hoped that the survey will start later this week.

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