Police Thank St Agnes Residents For Assistance

Police officers detain the man on St Agnes Quay on Saturday

Police officers detain the man on St Agnes Quay on Saturday

St Mary’s Police have praised coastguards and locals who assisted when they had to detain a man suffering with mental health problems on St Agnes on Saturday.

Locals voiced concerns to officers that the visitor, who had been on the island for a few days, appeared to be unwell and needed help.

Sergeant Colin Taylor and PC Mat Collier spent three hours searching for him. He was found perched high on a rock stack at Wingletang.

Sergeant Taylor says it was evident to him that he was not going to access the medical care he needed whilst on St Agnes and the decision was made to take him to St Mary’s.

He made his own way off the rock and walked to near the quay, where he then showed reluctance to leave St Agnes.

Initially he resisted attempts to take him onto the medical launch. After a brief scuffle he was placed in cuffs and escorted off the island.

He was kept in the Police cell for a short while before the two officers and Dr Garman accompanied the man, unrestrained, on the two and a half hour journey to Newlyn on the medical launch.

He was then taken into custody by mainland officers and received medical care.