Bishop Rock Gig Row To Raise Money For Club

bishop rock from st agnesA team of gig rowers are planning to make the trip to the Bishop Rock lighthouse and back in the Nornour this afternoon.

They’re raising funds for St Mary’s Gig Club and the Cornwall Air Ambulance.

Beth Collier, Bryony Lishman, Jess Vian, Beth Guy, Vik Heaney and Jeremy Pearson will be undertaking the 13 mile round trip, coxed by Tim Dean.

Ian Sibley will be on hand in the support boat.

Beth says the crew wanted to do journey as a challenge.

She says it’s not something that’s regularly on the gig-rowing calendar – in fact, she’s aware of only two other similar events, in the 70’s and 90’s.

The team have planned for good weather and will be aiming to get to the lighthouse at low tide, to catch the water coming in on the way back.

It should take about three hours, says Beth. They did a 10-mile training session around St Mary’ s on Monday, although she doesn’t think fitness will be a problem.

The crew are going to take it easy and Beth says they might even stop off for a picnic in the boat at Annet.

Harry Legg from St Agnes, who regularly fishes around Bishop Rock, has been feeding back information about conditions and any obstacles to look out for.

Collection boxes will be placed in Seasalt, 49-degrees, The Mermaid and the Papershop for anyone who wants to donate to the challenge.

The Nornour will be setting off from St Mary’s quay at 1.30pm this afternoon.